999 Songs


As a consumer of music I am a split personality.

I am both a satisficer and a maximiser.

For thirty years my addiction has been rock music of the 60s and 70s.

I am still on an endless quest to hear all the best there is and the journey still thrills me after hearing many thousands of albums.

Here you will find the 999 songs for the music satisficer in me. 999 songs that touch something very deep in me.

It is an un-impartial and subjective list. You’ll see a lot that’s  familiar and a lot that probably isn’t,  unless you share my obsessions.

In alaphebetical order, this is today’s list, tomorrow there could be 999 more songs.

The songs, unless otherwise noted are the original recordings by the listed artists.

There is nothing on this list recorded after 1975.

There have been innovations since and there has been a lot of great music, but 1965 t0 1975 were 10 years of unparalleled musical exploration and remain beacons to us all.

After you’d read the list I’d be very interested to hear what your 1000th song would be.


999 songs

13th Floor Elevators – I had to tell you

13th Floor Elevators- monkey island

13th Floor Elevators-Dr doom

50ft Hose – If not this time

Adjef the Poet – Eek I’m a freak

After Tea – Lemon Coloured Honey Tree

Agitation Free – Laila pt 2

Ahora Mazda – Spacy Tracy

Al Jones – Come join my orchestra

Al Kooper – Right now for you

Al Stewart – My enemies have sweet voices

Al Stewart – Manuscript

Al Stewart – Turn into earth

Alan Hull – Song for a windmill

Alan Stivell- Ian Morrison Reel

Alan Stivell – Pop Plinn

Alan Stivell – Tri Martolod

Alex Harvey – Broken hearted fairy tale

Alex Harvey – Roman Wall blues

The Allman Brothers Band – Midnight Rider

The Allman Brothers Band – Dreams

Allman Joys – Old Man river

Allman Joys – Northern Bounday

Allman Joys – Oh John

Alquin – Convicts of the air

Alquin – I wish I could

Alquin – soft eyed woman

Alquin – Mountain Queen

Alquin – The Dance

Alquin – You always can change

Amon Duul 2 – Archy the robot

Andy Roberts – Moths & lizards

Andy Robinson – Absolutely the end

The Animals – we’ve gotta get out of this place

The Animals – Don’t let me be misunderstood

Anne Briggs – Standing on the shore

Anne Briggs – Fire and wine

Anne Briggs – the time has come

Aphrodite’s Child – Four Horsemen

Aphrodite’s Child – Hic and nunc

The Aquarian Age – 10,000 words in a cardboard box

Ars Nova – Temporay serenade

Arthur Lee – Skid, not really a friend

Arthur Lee – walk right in – always see your face

Ashkan – Darkness

Atomic Rooster – Can’t find a reason

Audience – Jackdaw

Audience – I had a dream

Audience – Trombone Gulch

Aunt Mary – Nocturnal voice

Aztec Two-Step – The persecution and restoration of Dean Moriaty(on the road)

Babe Ruth – Black Dog

Baby Huey – Listen to me


Bachdenkal-an appointment with the master

Bag – tripdream

Bamboo – girl of the seasons

the Band – stagefright

the Band – the rumour

the Band– knockin’ lost john

the Band – katy’s been gone

the Band – king harvest (has surely come)

Barbara Keith – all along the watchtower

Barclay James Harvest – Mockingbird

Barnstorm – turn to stone

Be Bop Deluxe – Maid in Heaven

The Beatles -while my guitar gently weeps

The Beatles – cry baby cry

The Beatles -Eleanor Rigby

The Beatles -and your bird can sing

The Beatles – baby your a rich man

Beck Bogert & Appice – superstition

Bedlam – Hot legs

Bedlam – I believe in you

Bell & Arc – Yat Rock

Bell & Arc – She belongs to me

Bell & Arc – So long Marianne

Bert Jansch – Go you way

Bert Jansch – Woe is love my dear

Big Brother & the Holding Co – Down on me – Winterland live

Big Brother & the Holding Co – Piece of my heart

Big Brother & the Holding Co – sunshine

Big Brother & the Holding Co – cuckoo

Big Brother & the Holding Co – oh Sweet Mary

Big Brother & the Holding Co – all is loneliness

Big Star-Way out west

Big Star-Feel

Big Star-Ballad of El Goodo

Big Star-the India Song

Big Star-September gurls

Bill Fay – Screams in the ears

Bill Fay – Be not so fearful

Bill Fay – Don’t let my marigolds die

Bintangs – Well then it’s alright?

Bintangs- is a bluebird blue

Bintangs-Agnes Gray-Genuine bull

Bintangs-the dying of mr Fernandez

Bintangs-Travelling in the USA

Blast Furnace -First and last

Blast Furnace -Ginger cake

Blind Faith-well alright

Blind Faith- Can’t find my way home

Blind Faith-had to cry today

Blond – Sailing across the ocean

Blond-six white horses

Blood Sweat & Tears – sometimes in winter

Blue Oyster Cult-she’s as beautiful as a foot

Blue Oyster Cult-workshop of telescopes

Blues Project-Alberta

Blues Project-Steve’s song

Blues Project – Cheryl’s going home

Blues Section – Wolf at the door

Bo Grumpus  – travelling in the dark

Boa constrictor and natural vine  – little David

Boa constrictor and natural vine – alligator man

Bob Dylan -dirge

Bob Dylan -time passes slowly

Bob Dylan – going going gone

Bob Dylan –  most likely you go your way

Bob Dylan – stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues

Bob Dylan – dear landlord

Bob Seger System – evil Edna

Bob Weir – Cassidy

Bob weir- black throated wind

Bob weir-looks like rain

the Bonzo Dog band -keynsham

the Bonzo Dog band – rhinocratic oaths

Book of changes – I stole the goodyear blimp

Booker T & the MGs-green onions

the Box Tops – the letter

Boz Scaggs-finding her

Boz Scaggs-I’ll be long gone

Boz Scaggs-loan me a dime

Boz Scaggs-sweet release

Brainbox-between Alpha and Omega

Brainbox- sea of delight

Brainbox- summertime

Brainbox-Dark Rose

Brainbox-so helpless

Brainticket-black sand

Brian Auger. Julie Driscoll and the Trinity-flesh failures

Brian Auger. Julie Driscoll and the Trinity-light my fire

Brigette Fontaine – comme Rimbaud

Brigette Fontaine- Brigette

Brinsley Schwarz – surrender to the rhythm

Boudewijn de Groot – Heksen-sabbath

Bruce Springsteen-New York City Serenade

Bruce Springsteen –  Rosalita (come out tonight)

Buck Wilkin-going on

the Buckinghams – I know I think

Buffalo Springfield -bluebird

Buffalo Springfield -Broken Arrow

Buffalo Springfield – everydays

Buffalo springfield-expecting to fly

Buffalo Springfield – for what it’s worth

Buffalo Springfield – nowadays clancy can’t even sing

Buffy Saint Marie – God is alive magic is afoot

Bulldog Breed -Austin Osmanspare

Bulldog Breed – Friday Hill

Bulldog Breed – Iflew

Bulldog Breed – paper man

Burnin Red Ivanhoe-across the windowsill

Burnin Red Ivanhoe-canal trip

Burnin Red Ivanhoe-near the sea

Buzzy Linhart-talk about a morning

the Byrds – Renaissance Fair

the Byrds- why

the Byrds -I knew I’d want you

the Byrds – everybody’s been burned

the Byrds – All the things

the Byrds – set you free this time

he Byrds -Bugler

he Byrds -Citizen Kane

the Bystanders -98.6

Can- she brings the rain

Canned Heat- poor moon

Canned Heat- on the road again

Canned Heat- going up the country

Canned Heat – let’s work together

Captain Beefheart-too much time

Captain Beyond- sufficiently breathless

Caravan-be alright/chance of a lifetime

Caravan-can’t be long now/francoise/for richard/warlock-if I could do it all over again

Caravan- don’t know its name- in the land of grey and pink

Caravan- the land of grey and pink

Caravan-l’auberge du sangleier/a hunting…/backwards/hunting we shall go

Caravan-nine feet underground

Caravan-Place of my own

Caravan-the love in your eye

Cargo – little sister

Carmen- fandangos in space

Carolanne Pegg-fair fortune’s star

Cat Stevens- trouble

Cat Stevens-I want to live in a wigwam

the Chambers Brothers – in the evening

the Chambers Brothers – Pollution

the Charlatans -Alabama bound

Chet Nichols- diamond joe

Chet Nichols- electra

Chet Nichols- tell me what the count is

Chet Nichols- timeloop

Chet Nichols- water sand castles

Chet Nichols- who stole the valley?

Chilli Willi and the red hot peppers – we get along

Chilli Willi and the red hot peppers – midnight bus

Chiiliwack – chain train

Chilliwack – Rain-O

Chris Farlowe-Paint it black

Christine Perfect – I’d rather go blind

Christy Moore -ride on

Cinderella – From town to town

the City – snow queen

Colin Blundstone – Misty Roses

Cosmic Dealer Crystallisation

Crazy Horse – crow Jane lady

Crazy Horse –  Carolay

Crazy Horse –  c’mon baby let’s go downtown

Cream- badge

Cream- dance the night away

Cream- those were the days

Cream-passing the time

Cream-tales of brave ulysses

Cream-white room

Creation-making time

Creation-how does it feel

Creedence Clearwater Revival – lookin’ out my back door

Creedence Clearwater Revival – chameleon

Creedence Clearwater Revival – have you ever seen the rain

Creedence Clearwater Revival -who’ll stop the rain

Creedence Clearwater Revival -bad moon rising

Creedence Clearwater Revival -effigy

Creepy John Thomas  – Down in the bottom

Cressida- Munich

Cressida-summer weekend of a lifetime

Crosby Stills and Nash–homeward through the haze

Crosby Stills and Nash-suite judy blue eyes

Crosby Stills and Nash-winchester cathedral

Crosby Stills and Nash-wooden ships

Crosby Stills and Nash-Helplessly Hoping

Crosby Stills Nash and Young- carry on/questions

Crosby Stills Nash and Young- helpless

Crosby Stills Nash and Young-  Woodstock

Crosby Stills Nash and Young- the lee shore

Cross and Ross – the last ocean rider

Cross and Ross – story to a friend

Crowns Clan-no place for our minds

Cuby+Blizzards-Appleknockers flophouse

Cuby+Blizzards-simple man

Cuby+Blizzards- time passed me by

Cuby+Blizzards-seasons come and seasons go

Culpeper’s Orchard- time flies

Culpeper’s Orchard-hey you people

Culpeper’s Orchard-mountain music part 2

Culpeper’s Orchard-ode to resistance people

Culpeper’s Orchard-teaparty for an orchard

Dantalion’s Chariot-madman running through the fields

Dave Mason- sad and deep as you

Dave Mason-only you know and I know

David Ackles – ballad of the ship of state

David Ackles – down river

David Blue – so easy she goes by

David Blue – 23 days in September

David Crosby- what are their names

David Crosby-Guinevere

David Parker-the reason

Decamaron-the ungodly

Deep Purple – This time around-owed to G

Deep Purple –Hush

Dennis Linde – burning love

Derek and the Dominoes –  Bell bottom blues

Derek and the Dominoes- Anyday

Derek and the Dominoes- I looked away

Derek and the Dominoes-Why does love got to be so sad- live at the fillmore

Derek and the Dominoes-let it rain-live at the fillmore

Dirty Filthy Mud – Forest of black

Donovan-hurdy gurdy man

Donovan-Wear your love like heaven

the Doors – Running blue

the Doors –  summer’s almost gone

the Doors –  LA woman

the Doors –  l’America

the Doors –  Alabama song

the Doors –  yes, the river knows

the Doors –  Moonlight drive (alternate version)

the Doors –  Break on through

the Doors – Love Street

the Doors –  Touch me

the Doors –  not to touch the earth

the Doors – spanish caravan

the Doors –  light my fire

the Doors –  the changeling

the Doors – wintertime love

the Doppler Effect – God is alive in Argentina

Douglas Fir –  Jersey Thursday

Dr John- the time had come

Dr John- I walk on gilded splinters

Dr John-glowin’

Dr John-right place wrong time

Dragonfly – Celestial dreams

Drama-smile or yell

Drama-dreamed I was the president

Drama-no doctor/melodrama

the Dream – green things (from outer space)

Dunn & Mccashen-sooner or later

Earth and Fire-hazy paradise

Earth and Fire-Seasons

Eclection – St Georg and the dragon

Edgar Broughton Band – Exhibits from a new museum//blue lights

Edgar Broughton Band-  Hotel room

Edgar Broughton Band- there’s no vibrations, but wait

Edgar Broughton Band-Evening over the rooftops

Edgar Broughton Band-It’s not you

Edgar Broughton Band-side by side – live hits harder

Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstin

Edgar Winter Group – free ride

Eire Apparent -Mr Guy Fawkes

Eire Apparent -captive in the Sun

the Electric Flag – over-lovin’ you

the Electric Prunes-get me to the world on time

Electric Prunes-I had too much to dream (last night)

Elliot Murphy – last of the rock stars

Elliot Murphy – love song of Eva Braun

Emily Bindiger-song of decision

Eric Andersen-Tin Can Alley Part 1

Eric Andersen-violets of dawn

Eric Andersen-(sitting) on the dock of the bay

Eric Anderson-blue river

Eric anderson-Pearl’s goodtime blues

Eric Anderson-wind and sand

Eric Burdon and the animnals – c0loured rain

Essra Mohawk- I am the breeze

Essra Mohawk-new skins for old

Eyes of blue -Chances

Eyes of blue-world of emotion

Fable –four horsemen

Fairport Convention-Autopsy

Fairport Convention-Jack of diamonds

Fairport Convention-Book song

Fairport Convention-Suzanne – BBC live

Fairport Convention-meet on the ledge/end of a holiday

Fairport convention-now be thankful

Fairport convention-sir Patrick Spence

Fairport Convention-sloth

Fairport Convention-Tam Lin

Fairport Convention-the lord is in this place/no man’s land

Family- No Mules Fool

Family-between blue and me

family-lives and ladies

family-my friend the sun

Family-Spanish tide

Fat-house on the corner

Flamin Groovies – teenage head

Flamin Groovies -High flyin baby

Fleetwood Mac – oh well

the Flock – clown

the Flock- big bird

Focus – happy nightmare (mescaline)

Focus –eruption

Focus –house of the king

Focus –Sylvia

Forest-do not walk in the rain

Fotheringay – banks of the Nile

Fotheringay – the sea

Frank Nuyens – Get you to come through

Frantic-a fool’s answer

Fraternity-Jupiter’s landscape

Fred Neil – the dolphins

Free-Mr big- Free live

Free-oh I wept

Freedom-the better side


the Fugs – nothing

the Fugs – Dover beach

the Fugs – life is strange

Fungus – The white hare

Galaxy Lin-I know my baby

Gary Farr- in the mud

Gary Farr- revolution of the season

Gary Farr-don’t know why you bother child

Gene Clark – from a silver phial

Gene Clark – silver raven

Gene Clark – echoes

Gene Clark – no other

Gene Clark – so you say you lost your baby

Gentle Giant -on reflection

George Baker Selection – Little green bag

George Harrison-Beware of darkness

Golden Earring -tons of time

Golden Earring -Are you receiving me

Golden Earring -Vanilla Queen

Golden Earring -Big tee blue sea – Golden Earring (Moontan US version)

Golden Earring – the switch

Golden Earring -Sleepwalkin’

Golden Earring -8 miles high

Golden Earring -Candy’s going bad

Golden Earring-One huge road

Golden Earring -thousand feet below you

Golden Earring -violins

Golden Earring -why me

Golden Earring -you’re better off free

Golden Earrings- who cares

Golden Earrings- Must I cry

Golden Earrings- crystal heaven

Golden Earrings- the truth about Arthur

Golden Earrings- sound of the screaming day

The Good Rats- Injun Joe –

Gordon Alexander – looking for the sun

Gospel Oak – why we came

Grace Slick- theme from the movie Manhole

Grace Slick – come again toucan

Grace Slick & Paul Kantner – China

Grace Slick & Paul Kantner – Diana pt 1

Grace Slick & Paul Kantner – Diana pt 2

Graham Bond-movin’ towards the light

Grand Funk Railroad – shinin’ on

the Grateful Dead – Jack Straw

the Grateful Dead – Box of rain

the Grateful Dead – birdsong- ladies and gentleman-fillmore east 1971

the Grateful Dead -Uncle john’s band

the Grateful Dead – mountains of the moon

the Grateful Dead — rosemary

the Grateful Dead -unbroken chain

the Grateful Dead – ship of fools

the Grease Band-New morning

the Grease Band – mistake no doubt

the Great Society – free advice

Grin-moon Tears

Grin-hi Hello Home

Grin -end unkind

Grin-pioneer Mary

Grin – everybody’s missing the sun

Grin-rusty gun

Grin-lost a number

Grin-White Lies

Grootna-  Customs (is it all over)

Group 1850-Friday I’m free

Gryphon – The unquiet grave

Gryphon-the astrologer

the Guess Who-laughing

the Guess Who-undun

the Guess Who-friends of mine

Guy Clark – desperadoes wiating for a train

Guy Clark -LA freeway

Harry Nilsson – jump in the fire

Harvey mandel-wade in the water

Haystacks Balboa – ode to the silken men

Haystacks Balboa – Auburn Queen

Heads,Hands and Feet- just another ambush

Heavy Jelly – I keep singing the same old song

Help Yourself – Heaven row

Help Yourself –excerpts from all electric fur trapper/many ways of meeting

Help Yourself –to katherine they fell

Heron –yellow roses

Hole in the wall – restless man

the Hollies – King Midas in Reverse

the Hollies –  dear Eloise

Holy mackerel -Spanish attraction

Home- Red E Lewis and the red caps

Horslips – King of morning, Queen of day

Horslips-faster than the hound

Horslips- Dearg Doom

Horslips-– Stars

Horslips-hall of mirrors

Horslips-we bring the summer with us

Horslips – the blind can’t lead the blind

Hot Tuna-genesis

HP Lovecraft  – Blue Jack of diamonds

HP Lovecraft – it’s about time

HP Lovecraft-spin spin spin

Hudson Ford   -Burn Baby Burn

the Human Beast – maybe someday

Human Beinz – I’ve got to keep on pushing

Human Beinz – My animal

Humble Pie – walk on gilded splnters – live at the Fillmore

Hunger – workshop

Hunter Muskett- John Blair

Hunter Muskett-John the baptist-bradleys live

the Hunter – the Russian Spy and I

Ian Matthews – little known

Ian Matthews – southern wind

Ian Matthews –  Morgan the pirate

Ian Matthews – Reno Nevada

Ian Matthews – -you couldn’t lose

If-reaching out on all sides

the Incredible Sting Band- dear old battlefield

the Incredible Sting Band- worlds they rise and fall

the Incredible Sting Band- cold February

the Incredible Sting Band –  maker of islands

the Incredible Sting Band – witches hat

the Incredible Sting Band-  Koedii there

the Incredible Sting Band- a very cellular song

the Incredible Sting Band- my father was a lighthouse keeper

Iron Butterfly -soldier in our town

Iron Butterfly-unconscious power

Iron Butterfly-soul experience

Iron Butterfly-stone believer

Iron Butterfly – Butterfly bleu

Isaac Guillory – Staying awhile

Isaac Guillory – St Peter

It’s a beautiful day – girl with no eyes

J F Murphy & Salt – the last illusion

Jack Bruce – post war

Jack Bruce – Victoria Sage

Jack Bruce- morning story

Jack Bruce- golden days

Jack Bruce – into the storm

Jack Bruce-tickets to waterfalls/weird of Hermiston/postwar-Manchester 1975

Jackie Leven   (Jon St Field)-Sleeping in bracken

Jackie Leven   (Jon St Field)-Raerona

Jackie Leven   (Jon St Field)-mansion tension

Jackie Leven   (Jon St Field)-soft lowland tongue

Jackie Lomax – sour milk sea

Jackie Lomax-sunset

Jackson Browne- doctor my eyes

Jackson C Frank – blues runs the game

James Gang -walk away

James Gang-midnight man

James Taylor-Circle round the sun

James Taylor- knockin’ round the zoo

James Taylor- Fire and rain

James Taylor-sweet baby James

Janis Joplin-summertime -Amsterdam 1969


Jarvis Street Revue – mr oil man

Jeff Beck Group -ain’t superstitious

Jefferson Airplane- coming back to me

Jefferson Airplane- today

Jefferson Airplane- wooden ships

Jefferson Airplane- embryonic journey

Jefferson Airplane- good shepherd

Jefferson Airplane- lather

Jefferson Airplane- Martha

Jefferson Airplane- rejoyce

Jefferson Airplane- watch her ride

Jefferson Airplane- white rabbit

Jefferson Airplane- third week at the Chelsea

Jefferson Airplane- things are better in the east

Jefferson Airplane – Lawman

Jerry Garcia- sugaree

Jerry Garcia – birdsong

Jerry Garcia-deal

Jerry Garcia-loser

Jerry Garcia- the wheel

Jesse Winchester – black dog

Jesse Winchester – do it

Jesse Winchester -midnight bus

Jethro Tull – living in the past

Jim Kweskin & the jug band -when I was a cowboy

Jimi Hendrix – Angel

Jimi Hendrix-room full of mirrors

Jimi Hendrix-who knows-band of gypsies

Jimi Hendrix Experience -spanish castle magic

Jimi Hendrix Experience -1983 a merman I should turn to be

Jimi Hendrix Experience -All along the watchtower

Jimi Hendrix Experience -Bold as love

Jimi Hendrix Experience -are you experienced?

Jimi Hendrix Experience -little wing

Jimi Hendrix Experience -the wind cries mary

Jimmie Spheeris – blue streets

Jimmie Spheeris – the dragon is dancing

Jimmy Cliff – wild world

Jimmy Webb – Galveston

Jo Jo Gunne – Flying Home

Joe Cocker -cry me a river – mad dogs and englishmen

Joe Cocker-Majorine

Joe Cocker Don’t let me be misunderstood

Joe Cocker-feeling alright

Joe Cocker-sandpaper cadillac

John and Beverly Martyn-Stormbringer

John and Beverly Martyn-John the baptist

John and Beverly Martyn-Give us a ring

John and Beverly Martyn-auntie aviator

John Cale – Gideon’s Bible

John Cale –  fear is a man’s best friend

John Cale –  Bamboo floor

John Cale – Amsterdam

John Cale – Andalucia

John Cale –  buffalo ballet

John Cale – Paris 1919

John Cale –  guts

John Cale-  half past france

John Cale -hanky panky nohow

John Cale – I keep a close watch

John Cale/Terry Riley/Adam Miller-the soul of patrick lee

John Gustafson – astrokan rug

John Martyn –  bless the weather

John Martyn- one day without you

John Martyn-Spencer the rover

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers – all your love

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers – I’m your witchdoctor

John Renbourn – Willy o winsbury

John Simon  –   Davy’s on the road again

John Stewart- you can’t look back

Johnny Jenkins – walk on gilded spliters

Johnny Winter – avocado green

Johnny Winter – mean town blues

Johnny Winter – highway 61 revisited

Johnny Winter – hustled down in Texas

Jolliver Arkansaw – hatred sun

Jolliver Arkansaw –  king chaos

Joni Mitchell – the arrangement

Joseph Byrd and the field hippies-the sub-sylvian lytanies

Judy Collins – Prothalanium

Judy Henske and Jerry Yester – raider

Judy Henske and Jerry Yester – snowblind

Juniors eyes – circus days

Juniors eyes – imagination

Junipher  Greene – take the road across the bridge

Kak – lemonade kid

Kaleidoscope(UK) – the murder pf Lewis Tollani

Kaleidoscope(UK) – Flight from Ashiya

Kaleidoscope(UK) –    dive into yesterday

Kaleidoscope(US)- Egyptian gardens


Kaleidoscope(US)-elevator man

Kaleidoscope(US)-if the night


Kaleidoscope(US)-why try

Keef Hartley Band – say you’re together now

Keith West-on a Saturday

Kenny Rankin – dolphins

Kevin Ayers – town feeling

Kevin Ayers –Song for insane time

Kevin Coyne – tulip

Kevin Coyne – turpentine

Kevin Coyne – sunday morning sunrise – in living black and white

King Crimson – starless

King Crimson – book of Saturday

King Crimson – Fallen angel

King Crimson – Formentera lady

King Crimson – islands

Laura Nyro – poverty train

Laura Nyro – time and love

Laura Nyro – tom cat goodbye

Laura Nyro – gibsom street

Leafhound -growers of Mushroom

Lee hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra -some velvet morning

Lee Michaels-thumbs

the Left Banke-pretty ballerina

the Lemon Pipers-Through with you

Leon Russell – stranger in a strange land

Leon Russell – of thee I sing

Lifetime- a famous blues

Lindisfarne- january song

Lindisfarne- dingley dell

Lindisfarne-lady Eleanor

Little Feat-Cat fever

Little Feat- brides of Jesus

Little Feat-got no shadow

Little Feat-trouble

Little Feat-I’ve been the one

Little Feat-Roll em easy

Little Feat-strawberry flats

Little Feat-taking my time

Little Feat-texas rose café

Livin Blues-Bamboozle song/overture

Locomotive – coming down

Locomotive-mr armegeddon

los Dug Dugs-lost in my world

Love – singing cowboy

Love – seven and seven is

Love -I’ll pray for you

Love  -a house is not a motel

Love  -alone again or

Love  -andmoreagain

Love  -august

Love  -maybe the people would be the times or between clark and hilldale

Love-my little red book

Love –  que vida

Love  -robert montgomery

Love  -she comes in colours

Love  -Stephanie knows who

Love  -the castle

Love  -the red telephone

Love  -Dream

Love Sculpture-in the land of the few

Mac Gayden – rising sun

Mac Gayden – above the timberline

Malo – just say goodbye

Man-back into the future

Man-Bananas- maximum darkness

Man – many are called but few get up

Man – Hard way to die

Manfred Mann -Cubist town

Marianne Faithfull – something better – Rolling Stones rock n roll circus

Matching Mole – O Caroline

Matthews Southern Comfort – road to ronderlin

MC5– looking at you

MC5 –  over and over

the McCoys – Don’t worry mother (your son’s heart is pure)

Mellow Candle – Dan the wing

Mellow Candle-the poet and the witch

Michael Chapman – Aviator

Michael Chapman – hero returns

Michael Murphy – Rye by the sea

Michal Prokop & Framus 5-mesto er

Mick Jagger-memo from turner

Mick Softley – just flew in on a jet plane

Mick Softley – time machine

the Misunderstood –    I can take you to the Sun

Moby Grape – lazy me

Moby Grape – Bitter Wind –

Moby Grape  –  Naked if I want to

Moby Grape – Fall on you

Moby Grape – seeing

Moby Grape – 8:05

Moby Grape – sitting by the window

Moby Grape – can’t be so bad

the Monkees – what am I doing hangin’ round

Montage -men are building sand

Mountain-swamp boy

Mountain-boys in the band

Mountain-tired angels

Mountain-sister justice

Mountain – flowers of evil

Mountain-taunta/Nantucket sleighride

Mountain- Nantucket sleighride- (the road goes ever on)

Mountain– King’s chorale/one last cold kiss

Mountain-pride and passion

the Move – beautiful daughter

the Move –  Cherry Blossom Clinic revisited

the Move – the last thing on my mind

mr fox- Salisbury Plain

Neigb’rhood Children – long years in space

Neil Macarthur -she’s not there

Neil Young – journey through the past

Neil Young – pardon my heart

Neil Young – LA

Neil Young – Everybody knows this is nowhere

Neil Young – Cortez the killer

Neil Young – love in mind

the Neon Philharmonic – cowboy

New York rock and roll ensemble – barrel full of wine

The Nice-  flower king of flies

The Nice- the cry of Eugene

The Nice – the thoughts pf Emerlist Davjack (2nd version)

Nick Drake – black eyed dog

Nick Drake – Hazey Jane 2

Nick Garrie – the nightmare of JB Stanislas

Nick Garrie – deeper tones of blue

Nina Simone   – mr bojangles

Nina Simone   – funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter

Nina Simone   – the pusher

Nina Simone   – sinnerman

Nova Local – morning dew

Odetta – no expectations

Omnibus-the man song

The Outsiders -Daddy died on Saturday

The Outsiders -wish you were here with me today

The Outsiders -happyville

The Outsiders -misfit

The Outsiders -monkey on your back

The Outsiders -the bear

The Outsiders -the man on the dune

Oxford Circle – mister you’re a better man than I

Pacific Drift –-Tomorrow Morning Brings

Pan – tristesse

Pan – To get along

Patti Smith-horses/land of 1000 dances/la mer

Patto-Give it all away

Patto-you,you point your finger

Paul Butterfield Blues Band – work song

Paul Butterfield Blues Band -one more heartache

Paul Butterfield Blues Band- east west

Paul Simon – Mother and Child reunnion

Paul Simon – Duncan

the Paupers – oh that she might

the Paupers -ask her again

Pavlov’s Dog -Late November

Pentangle-Cruel sister

Pentangle-Bruton town

Pentangle-sweet child

Pentangle-once I had a sweetheart

Pete brown and Piblokto-things may come and things may go but the art school dance…

Pete brown –    spend my nights in armour

PFM-chocolate kings

Phil Ochs- changes

Phil Ochs-Tape from California

Pink Fairies – war girl

Pink Fairies – hold on

Pink Fairies – when’s the fun begin

Pink Floyd-paintbox

Pink Floyd-remember a day

Pink Floyd-see emily play

Pink Floyd-wish you were here

Please-Steal your dreams

Poco-calico lady

Poco-Crazy eyes

Poco – don’t let it pass by

the Pretty Things-what’s the use

the Pretty Things-loneliest person

the Pretty Things-bracelets of fingers-sf sorrow

the Pretty Things-love is good-freeway madness

the Pretty Things-october 26th

the Pretty Things-peter/rip off train

the Pretty Things- grass

the Pretty Things-Parachute

Procul Harum-Conquistador

Procul Harum-boredom

Procul Harum-too much between us

Procul Harum-wreck of the hesperus

Q65-the life I lead-revolution

Quatermass – black sheep of the family

Quicksilver messenger service – too far

Quicksilver messenger service- Dino’s song

quicksilver messenger service- pride of man

Quicksilver messenger service-fresh air

quicksilver messenger service-what about me?

Ramatam –The Land/rainy Sunday evening

Randy Newman-Gone dead train

the Rascals-find somebody

the Rascals-how can I be sure

the Rascals-Nubia

the Rascals-of course

the Rascals-Please love me

Richard and Mimi Farina-The Bold Marauder

Richard and Mimi Farina- the falcon

Richard and Mimi Farina-another country

Richard Thompson-nobody’s wedding

Richard and Linda Thompson – when I get to the border

Richard and Linda Thompson – Calvary cross

Richie Havens- no opportunity necessary, no experience needed

Richie Havens- there’s a hole in the future

Richie Havens-eyesight to the blind

the Rising Sons – take a giant step

Robin Lent-Almitra(the love that became us)

Robin Lent-my father was a sailor

Rock Workshop – Primrose Hill – Rockbusters

the Rolling Stones-jigsaw puzzle

the Rolling Stones-can’t you hear me knocking

the Rolling Stones-citadel

the Rolling Stones-you can’t always get what you want

the Rolling Stones-jumping jack flash

the Rolling Stones-moonlight mile

the Rolling Stones-paint it black

the Rolling Stones-play with fire

the Rolling Stones-sing this all together

the Rolling Stones-wild horses

the Rolling Stones-2000 light years from home

the Rolling Stones-connection

the Rolling Stones-gimme shelter

Rory Gallagher-a million miles away – live in Ireland

Rory Gallagher-I’m not awake yet

Ruth Copeland – silent boatman

Ruthann Friedman – carry on(glittering dancer)

Ry Cooder -getaway

Sandy Denny -it’ll take a long time

Sandy Denny -the quiet joys of brotherhood

Scott Walker-Montague terrace in blue

Scott Walker-get behind me

Seatrain- portrait of the lady as a young artist

Seatrain-how sweet thy song

September-little sister

Shelagh Mcdonald-Stargazer

Shuggie Otis – Jennie Lee

Simon and Garfunkel- a hazy shade of winter

Simon and Garfunkel- America

Simon and Garfunkel- blues run the game

Simon and Garfunkel- the boxer

Simon and Garfunkel- Scarborough fair

Simon and Garfunkel- the sound of silence

Skid Row-Saturday morning man

Skin Alley-Bad words and evil people

Skin Alley – graveyard shuffle

Skip bifferty-come around

Small Faces-    tin soldier

Small Faces-    I’m only dreaming

Small Faces-Afterglow

the Smoke-my friend jack

Solution – Divergence

Sons of Champlin-1982-A

Southern Comfort – something said

Sparrow-tomorrow’s ship

Spectrum –  Make your stash

Spirit – I got a line on you

Spirit – Mr Skin

Spooky Tooth-hangman hang my shell on a tree

Spooky Tooth-it’s all about a roundabout

Spooky Tooth-love really changed me

Spooky tooth-society’s child

spooky tooth-that was only yesterday



Stalk-Forest group- gil blanco county

Stalk-Forest group-what is quicksand

the Standells-Rari

Steeleye Span – lowlands of Holland

Steely Dan – dirty work

Steely Dan – midnite crusier

Steely Dan – Barrytown

Steppenwolf-the ostrich

Steppenwolf-hippo stomp



Steve Miller Band- journey from eden

Steve Tilston-I really wanted you

Steve Tilston-simplicity

Steven Stills- old times good times

Steven Stills-love the one you’re with

Stoneground – alligator man

Stoneground – you better come through

the Stooges-we will fall

Storyteller – night games


Sunshine Company –Springtime Meadows

Supersister- introductions-present for Nancy

Supersister- memories are new

Sweet Smoke – I’d rather burn than dissapear

Syd Barrett – Octopus

Symon-my good time

T Rex-life’s a gas

T Rex  woodland bop


T2-no more white horses

Tax Free – Amsterdam

the Temptations-take a stroll through your mind

Ten Years After-working on the road

Terje Rypdal – dead man’s tale

Terry Callier  –  Ordinary Joe

Terry Knight and the Pack – numbers

Terry Reid-Erica

Terry Reid-mayfly

Them -baby please don’t go

Them-It’s all over now baby blue

Thin Lizzy – things ain’t working out down on the farm (ep version)

Thomas F Browne -tomorrow is another day

Three dog night – Eli’s coming

Three dog night-nobody

Tim Buckley –  sing a song for you

Tim Buckley-   wayfaring stranger

Tim Buckley- Once I was

Tim Buckley–dream letter

Tim Buckley-morning glory

Tim Buckley-phantsamagoria in two

Tim Buckley – pleasant street

Tim Hardin-black sheep boy

Tim Hardin-red balloon

Tim Hardin-you upset the grace of living when you lie

Tim Rose-morning dew

Timebox – Barnabus Swain

Timebox- don’t make promises you can’t keep


Timebox-you’ve got the chance

Tom Rapp-full fathom five/I shall not care

Tom Rapp-rocket man

Tom Rapp-sail away

Tom Rapp-snow queen

Tom Rapp-the jeweler

Tom Rapp-these things too

Tom Rush-sunshine sunshine

Tom Rush-drivin’ wheel

Tom Rush-urge for going

Tomorrow-Why (bonus track on EMI remaster of their album)

Tony Caro and John-Swordsman of Samoa

Tony Joe White – Polk salad Annie

Tony Joe White – I’ve got a thing about you baby

the Tower-In your life

Traffic-coloured rain

Traffic -John barleycorn must die

Traffic-heaven is in your mind


Trees-polly on the shore-Rockbusters

Tymon-the bitter thoughts of little Jane

the United States of America – coming down

the United States of America – love song for the dead che

the United States of America – where is yesterday

Uriah Heep-easy livin’

Van Morrison – brown eyed girl

Van Morrison – come here my love

Van Morrison – Joe Harper Saturday morning

Van Morrison – snow in san anselmo

Van Morrison – warm love

Van Morrison – wild children

Vanilla Fudge-season of the witch

Vanilla Fudge-some velvet morning

Vanilla Fudge-the look of love

Velvet Underground- Oh sweet nuthin’

Velvet Underground- pale blue eyes

the Wackers – I hardly know her name

West Bruce & Laing – the doctor

West Bruce & Laing – out into the fields

the Who -Behind blue eye

the Who-Won’t get fooled again

the Who – Bargain

Wigwam – autograph

Wrting on the wall-Buffalo

the Yardbirds-turn to earth

the Yardbirds-still I’m sad

the Yardbirds-happenings ten years time ago

the Yardbirds- over under sideways down

the Youngbloods-darkness darkness

the Youngbloods-sugar babe

the Youngbloods-don’t play games

the Youngbloods-reason to believe

the Youngbloods-Sham

the Youngbloods-sunlight

the Zombies-beachwood park

the Zombies-the butcher’s tale(western front1914)

the Zombies-time of the season





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  1. Doug Jenkins says:

    1000th song: Anne Briggs – Blackwaterside

    You might like to have a look at the Bach category on my blog.

  2. Alethea says:

    Thanks very interesting blog!

  3. Ryan Epstein says:

    1000 th… Ruth Copeland, Take Me To Baltimore

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