999 songs

999 songs from the 60s and 70s that everybody should hear:

What would be your suggestion for a 1000th song on this playlist?

13th Floor Elevators – I had to tell you

13th Floor Elevators- monkey island

13th Floor Elevators-Dr doom

50ft Hose – If not this time

Adjef the Poet – Eek I’m a freak

After Tea – Lemon Coloured Honey Tree

Agitation Free – Laila pt 2

Ahora Mazda – Spacy Tracy

Al Jones – Come join my orchestra

Al Kooper – Right now for you

Al Stewart – My enemies have sweet voices

Al Stewart – Manuscript

Al Stewart – Turn into earth

Alan Hull – Song for a windmill

Alan Stivell- Ian Morrison Reel

Alan Stivell – Pop Plinn

Alan Stivell – Tri Martolod

Alex Harvey – Broken hearted fairy tale

Alex Harvey – Roman Wall blues

The Allman Brothers Band – Midnight Rider

The Allman Brothers Band – Dreams

Allman Joys – Old Man river

Allman Joys – Northern Bounday

Allman Joys – Oh John

Alquin – Convicts of the air

Alquin – I wish I could

Alquin – soft eyed woman

Alquin – Mountain Queen

Alquin – The Dance

Alquin – You always can change

Amon Duul 2 – Archy the robot

Andy Roberts – Moths & lizards

Andy Robinson – Absolutely the end

The Animals – we’ve gotta get out of this place

The Animals – Don’t let me be misunderstood

Anne Briggs – Standing on the shore

Anne Briggs – Fire and wine

Anne Briggs – the time has come

Aphrodite’s Child – Four Horsemen

Aphrodite’s Child – Hic and nunc

The Aquarian Age – 10,000 words in a cardboard box

Ars Nova – Temporay serenade

Arthur Lee – Skid, not really a friend

Arthur Lee – walk right in – always see your face

Ashkan – Darkness

Atomic Rooster – Can’t find a reason

Audience – Jackdaw

Audience – I had a dream

Audience – Trombone Gulch

Aunt Mary – Nocturnal voice

Aztec Two-Step – The persecution and restoration of Dean Moriaty(on the road)

Babe Ruth – Black Dog

Baby Huey – Listen to me


Bachdenkal-an appointment with the master

Bag – tripdream

Bamboo – girl of the seasons

the Band – stagefright

the Band – the rumour

the Band– knockin’ lost john

the Band – katy’s been gone

the Band – king harvest (has surely come)

Barbara Keith – all along the watchtower

Barclay James Harvest – Mockingbird

Barnstorm – turn to stone

Be Bop Deluxe – Maid in Heaven

The Beatles -while my guitar gently weeps

The Beatles – cry baby cry

The Beatles -Eleanor Rigby

The Beatles -and your bird can sing

The Beatles – baby your a rich man

Beck Bogert & Appice – superstition

Bedlam – Hot legs

Bedlam – I believe in you

Bell & Arc – Yat Rock

Bell & Arc – She belongs to me

Bell & Arc – So long Marianne

Bert Jansch – Go you way

Bert Jansch – Woe is love my dear

Big Brother & the Holding Co – Down on me – Winterland live

Big Brother & the Holding Co – Piece of my heart

Big Brother & the Holding Co – sunshine

Big Brother & the Holding Co – cuckoo

Big Brother & the Holding Co – oh Sweet Mary

Big Brother & the Holding Co – all is loneliness

Big Star-Way out west

Big Star-Feel

Big Star-Ballad of El Goodo

Big Star-the India Song

Big Star-September gurls

Bill Fay – Screams in the ears

Bill Fay – Be not so fearful

Bill Fay – Don’t let my marigolds die

Bintangs – Well then it’s alright?

Bintangs- is a bluebird blue

Bintangs-Agnes Gray-Genuine bull

Bintangs-the dying of mr Fernandez

Bintangs-Travelling in the USA

Blast Furnace -First and last

Blast Furnace -Ginger cake

Blind Faith-well alright

Blind Faith- Can’t find my way home

Blind Faith-had to cry today

Blond – Sailing across the ocean

Blond-six white horses

Blood Sweat & Tears – sometimes in winter

Blue Oyster Cult-she’s as beautiful as a foot

Blue Oyster Cult-workshop of telescopes

Blues Project-Alberta

Blues Project-Steve’s song

Blues Project – Cheryl’s going home

Blues Section – Wolf at the door

Bo Grumpus  – travelling in the dark

Boa constrictor and natural vine  – little David

Boa constrictor and natural vine – alligator man

Bob Dylan -dirge

Bob Dylan -time passes slowly

Bob Dylan – going going gone

Bob Dylan –  most likely you go your way

Bob Dylan – stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues

Bob Dylan – dear landlord

Bob Seger System – evil Edna

Bob Weir – Cassidy

Bob weir- black throated wind

Bob weir-looks like rain

the Bonzo Dog band -keynsham

the Bonzo Dog band – rhinocratic oaths

Book of changes – I stole the goodyear blimp

Booker T & the MGs-green onions

the Box Tops – the letter

Boz Scaggs-finding her

Boz Scaggs-I’ll be long gone

Boz Scaggs-loan me a dime

Boz Scaggs-sweet release

Brainbox-between Alpha and Omega

Brainbox- sea of delight

Brainbox- summertime

Brainbox-Dark Rose

Brainbox-so helpless

Brainticket-black sand

Brian Auger. Julie Driscoll and the Trinity-flesh failures

Brian Auger. Julie Driscoll and the Trinity-light my fire

Brigette Fontaine – comme Rimbaud

Brigette Fontaine- Brigette

Brinsley Schwarz – surrender to the rhythm

Boudewijn de Groot – Heksen-sabbath

Bruce Springsteen-New York City Serenade

Bruce Springsteen –  Rosalita (come out tonight)

Buck Wilkin-going on

the Buckinghams – I know I think

Buffalo Springfield -bluebird

Buffalo Springfield -Broken Arrow

Buffalo Springfield – everydays

Buffalo springfield-expecting to fly

Buffalo Springfield – for what it’s worth

Buffalo Springfield – nowadays clancy can’t even sing

Buffy Saint Marie – God is alive magic is afoot

Bulldog Breed -Austin Osmanspare

Bulldog Breed – Friday Hill

Bulldog Breed – Iflew

Bulldog Breed – paper man

Burnin Red Ivanhoe-across the windowsill

Burnin Red Ivanhoe-canal trip

Burnin Red Ivanhoe-near the sea

Buzzy Linhart-talk about a morning

the Byrds – Renaissance Fair

the Byrds- why

the Byrds -I knew I’d want you

the Byrds – everybody’s been burned

the Byrds – All the things

the Byrds – set you free this time

he Byrds -Bugler

he Byrds -Citizen Kane

the Bystanders -98.6

Can- she brings the rain

Canned Heat- poor moon

Canned Heat- on the road again

Canned Heat- going up the country

Canned Heat – let’s work together

Captain Beefheart-too much time

Captain Beyond- sufficiently breathless

Caravan-be alright/chance of a lifetime

Caravan-can’t be long now/francoise/for richard/warlock-if I could do it all over again

Caravan- don’t know its name- in the land of grey and pink

Caravan- the land of grey and pink

Caravan-l’auberge du sangleier/a hunting…/backwards/hunting we shall go

Caravan-nine feet underground

Caravan-Place of my own

Caravan-the love in your eye

Cargo – little sister

Carmen- fandangos in space

Carolanne Pegg-fair fortune’s star

Cat Stevens- trouble

Cat Stevens-I want to live in a wigwam

the Chambers Brothers – in the evening

the Chambers Brothers – Pollution

the Charlatans -Alabama bound

Chet Nichols- diamond joe

Chet Nichols- electra

Chet Nichols- tell me what the count is

Chet Nichols- timeloop

Chet Nichols- water sand castles

Chet Nichols- who stole the valley?

Chilli Willi and the red hot peppers – we get along

Chilli Willi and the red hot peppers – midnight bus

Chiiliwack – chain train

Chilliwack – Rain-O

Chris Farlowe-Paint it black

Christine Perfect – I’d rather go blind

Christy Moore -ride on

Cinderella – From town to town

the City – snow queen

Colin Blundstone – Misty Roses

Cosmic Dealer Crystallisation

Crazy Horse – crow Jane lady

Crazy Horse –  Carolay

Crazy Horse –  c’mon baby let’s go downtown

Cream- badge

Cream- dance the night away

Cream- those were the days

Cream-passing the time

Cream-tales of brave ulysses

Cream-white room

Creation-making time

Creation-how does it feel

Creedence Clearwater Revival – lookin’ out my back door

Creedence Clearwater Revival – chameleon

Creedence Clearwater Revival – have you ever seen the rain

Creedence Clearwater Revival -who’ll stop the rain

Creedence Clearwater Revival -bad moon rising

Creedence Clearwater Revival -effigy

Creepy John Thomas  – Down in the bottom

Cressida- Munich

Cressida-summer weekend of a lifetime

Crosby Stills and Nash–homeward through the haze

Crosby Stills and Nash-suite judy blue eyes

Crosby Stills and Nash-winchester cathedral

Crosby Stills and Nash-wooden ships

Crosby Stills and Nash-Helplessly Hoping

Crosby Stills Nash and Young- carry on/questions

Crosby Stills Nash and Young- helpless

Crosby Stills Nash and Young-  Woodstock

Crosby Stills Nash and Young- the lee shore

Cross and Ross – the last ocean rider

Cross and Ross – story to a friend

Crowns Clan-no place for our minds

Cuby+Blizzards-Appleknockers flophouse

Cuby+Blizzards-simple man

Cuby+Blizzards- time passed me by

Cuby+Blizzards-seasons come and seasons go

Culpeper’s Orchard- time flies

Culpeper’s Orchard-hey you people

Culpeper’s Orchard-mountain music part 2

Culpeper’s Orchard-ode to resistance people

Culpeper’s Orchard-teaparty for an orchard

Dantalion’s Chariot-madman running through the fields

Dave Mason- sad and deep as you

Dave Mason-only you know and I know

David Ackles – ballad of the ship of state

David Ackles – down river

David Blue – so easy she goes by

David Blue – 23 days in September

David Crosby- what are their names

David Crosby-Guinevere

David Parker-the reason

Decamaron-the ungodly

Deep Purple – This time around-owed to G

Deep Purple –Hush

Dennis Linde – burning love

Derek and the Dominoes –  Bell bottom blues

Derek and the Dominoes- Anyday

Derek and the Dominoes- I looked away

Derek and the Dominoes-Why does love got to be so sad- live at the fillmore

Derek and the Dominoes-let it rain-live at the fillmore

Dirty Filthy Mud – Forest of black

Donovan-hurdy gurdy man

Donovan-Wear your love like heaven

the Doors – Running blue

the Doors –  summer’s almost gone

the Doors –  LA woman

the Doors –  l’America

the Doors –  Alabama song

the Doors –  yes, the river knows

the Doors –  Moonlight drive (alternate version)

the Doors –  Break on through

the Doors – Love Street

the Doors –  Touch me

the Doors –  not to touch the earth

the Doors – spanish caravan

the Doors –  light my fire

the Doors –  the changeling

the Doors – wintertime love

the Doppler Effect – God is alive in Argentina

Douglas Fir –  Jersey Thursday

Dr John- the time had come

Dr John- I walk on gilded splinters

Dr John-glowin’

Dr John-right place wrong time

Dragonfly – Celestial dreams

Drama-smile or yell

Drama-dreamed I was the president

Drama-no doctor/melodrama

the Dream – green things (from outer space)

Dunn & Mccashen-sooner or later

Earth and Fire-hazy paradise

Earth and Fire-Seasons

Eclection – St Georg and the dragon

Edgar Broughton Band – Exhibits from a new museum//blue lights

Edgar Broughton Band-  Hotel room

Edgar Broughton Band- there’s no vibrations, but wait

Edgar Broughton Band-Evening over the rooftops

Edgar Broughton Band-It’s not you

Edgar Broughton Band-side by side – live hits harder

Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstin

Edgar Winter Group – free ride

Eire Apparent -Mr Guy Fawkes

Eire Apparent -captive in the Sun

the Electric Flag – over-lovin’ you

the Electric Prunes-get me to the world on time

Electric Prunes-I had too much to dream (last night)

Elliot Murphy – last of the rock stars

Elliot Murphy – love song of Eva Braun

Emily Bindiger-song of decision

Eric Andersen-Tin Can Alley Part 1

Eric Andersen-violets of dawn

Eric Andersen-(sitting) on the dock of the bay

Eric Anderson-blue river

Eric anderson-Pearl’s goodtime blues

Eric Anderson-wind and sand

Eric Burdon and the animnals – c0loured rain

Essra Mohawk- I am the breeze

Essra Mohawk-new skins for old

Eyes of blue -Chances

Eyes of blue-world of emotion

Fable –four horsemen

Fairport Convention-Autopsy

Fairport Convention-Jack of diamonds

Fairport Convention-Book song

Fairport Convention-Suzanne – BBC live

Fairport Convention-meet on the ledge/end of a holiday

Fairport convention-now be thankful

Fairport convention-sir Patrick Spence

Fairport Convention-sloth

Fairport Convention-Tam Lin

Fairport Convention-the lord is in this place/no man’s land

Family- No Mules Fool

Family-between blue and me

family-lives and ladies

family-my friend the sun

Family-Spanish tide

Fat-house on the corner

Flamin Groovies – teenage head

Flamin Groovies -High flyin baby

Fleetwood Mac – oh well

the Flock – clown

the Flock- big bird

Focus – happy nightmare (mescaline)

Focus –eruption

Focus –house of the king

Focus –Sylvia

Forest-do not walk in the rain

Fotheringay – banks of the Nile

Fotheringay – the sea

Frank Nuyens – Get you to come through

Frantic-a fool’s answer

Fraternity-Jupiter’s landscape

Fred Neil – the dolphins

Free-Mr big- Free live

Free-oh I wept

Freedom-the better side


the Fugs – nothing

the Fugs – Dover beach

the Fugs – life is strange

Fungus – The white hare

Galaxy Lin-I know my baby

Gary Farr- in the mud

Gary Farr- revolution of the season

Gary Farr-don’t know why you bother child

Gene Clark – from a silver phial

Gene Clark – silver raven

Gene Clark – echoes

Gene Clark – no other

Gene Clark – so you say you lost your baby

Gentle Giant -on reflection

George Baker Selection – Little green bag

George Harrison-Beware of darkness

Golden Earring -tons of time

Golden Earring -Are you receiving me

Golden Earring -Vanilla Queen

Golden Earring -Big tee blue sea – Golden Earring (Moontan US version)

Golden Earring – the switch

Golden Earring -Sleepwalkin’

Golden Earring -8 miles high

Golden Earring -Candy’s going bad

Golden Earring-One huge road

Golden Earring -thousand feet below you

Golden Earring -violins

Golden Earring -why me

Golden Earring -you’re better off free

Golden Earrings- who cares

Golden Earrings- Must I cry

Golden Earrings- crystal heaven

Golden Earrings- the truth about Arthur

Golden Earrings- sound of the screaming day

The Good Rats- Injun Joe –

Gordon Alexander – looking for the sun

Gospel Oak – why we came

Grace Slick- theme from the movie Manhole

Grace Slick – come again toucan

Grace Slick & Paul Kantner – China

Grace Slick & Paul Kantner – Diana pt 1

Grace Slick & Paul Kantner – Diana pt 2

Graham Bond-movin’ towards the light

Grand Funk Railroad – shinin’ on

the Grateful Dead – Jack Straw

the Grateful Dead – Box of rain

the Grateful Dead – birdsong- ladies and gentleman-fillmore east 1971

the Grateful Dead -Uncle john’s band

the Grateful Dead – mountains of the moon

the Grateful Dead — rosemary

the Grateful Dead -unbroken chain

the Grateful Dead – ship of fools

the Grease Band-New morning

the Grease Band – mistake no doubt

the Great Society – free advice

Grin-moon Tears

Grin-hi Hello Home

Grin -end unkind

Grin-pioneer Mary

Grin – everybody’s missing the sun

Grin-rusty gun

Grin-lost a number

Grin-White Lies

Grootna-  Customs (is it all over)

Group 1850-Friday I’m free

Gryphon – The unquiet grave

Gryphon-the astrologer

the Guess Who-laughing

the Guess Who-undun

the Guess Who-friends of mine

Guy Clark – desperadoes wiating for a train

Guy Clark -LA freeway

Harry Nilsson – jump in the fire

Harvey mandel-wade in the water

Haystacks Balboa – ode to the silken men

Haystacks Balboa – Auburn Queen

Heads,Hands and Feet- just another ambush

Heavy Jelly – I keep singing the same old song

Help Yourself – Heaven row

Help Yourself –excerpts from all electric fur trapper/many ways of meeting

Help Yourself –to katherine they fell

Heron –yellow roses

Hole in the wall – restless man

the Hollies – King Midas in Reverse

the Hollies –  dear Eloise

Holy mackerel -Spanish attraction

Home- Red E Lewis and the red caps

Horslips – King of morning, Queen of day

Horslips-faster than the hound

Horslips- Dearg Doom

Horslips-– Stars

Horslips-hall of mirrors

Horslips-we bring the summer with us

Horslips – the blind can’t lead the blind

Hot Tuna-genesis

HP Lovecraft  – Blue Jack of diamonds

HP Lovecraft – it’s about time

HP Lovecraft-spin spin spin

Hudson Ford   -Burn Baby Burn

the Human Beast – maybe someday

Human Beinz – I’ve got to keep on pushing

Human Beinz – My animal

Humble Pie – walk on gilded splnters – live at the Fillmore

Hunger – workshop

Hunter Muskett- John Blair

Hunter Muskett-John the baptist-bradleys live

the Hunter – the Russian Spy and I

Ian Matthews – little known

Ian Matthews – southern wind

Ian Matthews –  Morgan the pirate

Ian Matthews – Reno Nevada

Ian Matthews – -you couldn’t lose

If-reaching out on all sides

the Incredible Sting Band- dear old battlefield

the Incredible Sting Band- worlds they rise and fall

the Incredible Sting Band- cold February

the Incredible Sting Band –  maker of islands

the Incredible Sting Band – witches hat

the Incredible Sting Band-  Koedii there

the Incredible Sting Band- a very cellular song

the Incredible Sting Band- my father was a lighthouse keeper

Iron Butterfly -soldier in our town

Iron Butterfly-unconscious power

Iron Butterfly-soul experience

Iron Butterfly-stone believer

Iron Butterfly – Butterfly bleu

Isaac Guillory – Staying awhile

Isaac Guillory – St Peter

It’s a beautiful day – girl with no eyes

J F Murphy & Salt – the last illusion

Jack Bruce – post war

Jack Bruce – Victoria Sage

Jack Bruce- morning story

Jack Bruce- golden days

Jack Bruce – into the storm

Jack Bruce-tickets to waterfalls/weird of Hermiston/postwar-Manchester 1975

Jackie Leven   (Jon St Field)-Sleeping in bracken

Jackie Leven   (Jon St Field)-Raerona

Jackie Leven   (Jon St Field)-mansion tension

Jackie Leven   (Jon St Field)-soft lowland tongue

Jackie Lomax – sour milk sea

Jackie Lomax-sunset

Jackson Browne- doctor my eyes

Jackson C Frank – blues runs the game

James Gang -walk away

James Gang-midnight man

James Taylor-Circle round the sun

James Taylor- knockin’ round the zoo

James Taylor- Fire and rain

James Taylor-sweet baby James

Janis Joplin-summertime -Amsterdam 1969


Jarvis Street Revue – mr oil man

Jeff Beck Group -ain’t superstitious

Jefferson Airplane- coming back to me

Jefferson Airplane- today

Jefferson Airplane- wooden ships

Jefferson Airplane- embryonic journey

Jefferson Airplane- good shepherd

Jefferson Airplane- lather

Jefferson Airplane- Martha

Jefferson Airplane- rejoyce

Jefferson Airplane- watch her ride

Jefferson Airplane- white rabbit

Jefferson Airplane- third week at the Chelsea

Jefferson Airplane- things are better in the east

Jefferson Airplane – Lawman

Jerry Garcia- sugaree

Jerry Garcia – birdsong

Jerry Garcia-deal

Jerry Garcia-loser

Jerry Garcia- the wheel

Jesse Winchester – black dog

Jesse Winchester – do it

Jesse Winchester -midnight bus

Jethro Tull – living in the past

Jim Kweskin & the jug band -when I was a cowboy

Jimi Hendrix – Angel

Jimi Hendrix-room full of mirrors

Jimi Hendrix-who knows-band of gypsies

Jimi Hendrix Experience -spanish castle magic

Jimi Hendrix Experience -1983 a merman I should turn to be

Jimi Hendrix Experience -All along the watchtower

Jimi Hendrix Experience -Bold as love

Jimi Hendrix Experience -are you experienced?

Jimi Hendrix Experience -little wing

Jimi Hendrix Experience -the wind cries mary

Jimmie Spheeris – blue streets

Jimmie Spheeris – the dragon is dancing

Jimmy Cliff – wild world

Jimmy Webb – Galveston

Jo Jo Gunne – Flying Home

Joe Cocker -cry me a river – mad dogs and englishmen

Joe Cocker-Majorine

Joe Cocker Don’t let me be misunderstood

Joe Cocker-feeling alright

Joe Cocker-sandpaper cadillac

John and Beverly Martyn-Stormbringer

John and Beverly Martyn-John the baptist

John and Beverly Martyn-Give us a ring

John and Beverly Martyn-auntie aviator

John Cale – Gideon’s Bible

John Cale –  fear is a man’s best friend

John Cale –  Bamboo floor

John Cale – Amsterdam

John Cale – Andalucia

John Cale –  buffalo ballet

John Cale – Paris 1919

John Cale –  guts

John Cale-  half past france

John Cale -hanky panky nohow

John Cale – I keep a close watch

John Cale/Terry Riley/Adam Miller-the soul of patrick lee

John Gustafson – astrokan rug

John Martyn –  bless the weather

John Martyn- one day without you

John Martyn-Spencer the rover

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers – all your love

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers – I’m your witchdoctor

John Renbourn – Willy o winsbury

John Simon  –   Davy’s on the road again

John Stewart- you can’t look back

Johnny Jenkins – walk on gilded spliters

Johnny Winter – avocado green

Johnny Winter – mean town blues

Johnny Winter – highway 61 revisited

Johnny Winter – hustled down in Texas

Jolliver Arkansaw – hatred sun

Jolliver Arkansaw –  king chaos

Joni Mitchell – the arrangement

Joseph Byrd and the field hippies-the sub-sylvian lytanies

Judy Collins – Prothalanium

Judy Henske and Jerry Yester – raider

Judy Henske and Jerry Yester – snowblind

Juniors eyes – circus days

Juniors eyes – imagination

Junipher  Greene – take the road across the bridge

Kak – lemonade kid

Kaleidoscope(UK) – the murder pf Lewis Tollani

Kaleidoscope(UK) – Flight from Ashiya

Kaleidoscope(UK) –    dive into yesterday

Kaleidoscope(US)- Egyptian gardens


Kaleidoscope(US)-elevator man

Kaleidoscope(US)-if the night


Kaleidoscope(US)-why try

Keef Hartley Band – say you’re together now

Keith West-on a Saturday

Kenny Rankin – dolphins

Kevin Ayers – town feeling

Kevin Ayers –Song for insane time

Kevin Coyne – tulip

Kevin Coyne – turpentine

Kevin Coyne – sunday morning sunrise – in living black and white

King Crimson – starless

King Crimson – book of Saturday

King Crimson – Fallen angel

King Crimson – Formentera lady

King Crimson – islands

Laura Nyro – poverty train

Laura Nyro – time and love

Laura Nyro – tom cat goodbye

Laura Nyro – gibsom street

Leafhound -growers of Mushroom

Lee hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra -some velvet morning

Lee Michaels-thumbs

the Left Banke-pretty ballerina

the Lemon Pipers-Through with you

Leon Russell – stranger in a strange land

Leon Russell – of thee I sing

Lifetime- a famous blues

Lindisfarne- january song

Lindisfarne- dingley dell

Lindisfarne-lady Eleanor

Little Feat-Cat fever

Little Feat- brides of Jesus

Little Feat-got no shadow

Little Feat-trouble

Little Feat-I’ve been the one

Little Feat-Roll em easy

Little Feat-strawberry flats

Little Feat-taking my time

Little Feat-texas rose café

Livin Blues-Bamboozle song/overture

Locomotive – coming down

Locomotive-mr armegeddon

los Dug Dugs-lost in my world

Love – singing cowboy

Love – seven and seven is

Love -I’ll pray for you

Love  -a house is not a motel

Love  -alone again or

Love  -andmoreagain

Love  -august

Love  -maybe the people would be the times or between clark and hilldale

Love-my little red book

Love –  que vida

Love  -robert montgomery

Love  -she comes in colours

Love  -Stephanie knows who

Love  -the castle

Love  -the red telephone

Love  -Dream

Love Sculpture-in the land of the few

Mac Gayden – rising sun

Mac Gayden – above the timberline

Malo – just say goodbye

Man-back into the future

Man-Bananas- maximum darkness

Man – many are called but few get up

Man – Hard way to die

Manfred Mann -Cubist town

Marianne Faithfull – something better – Rolling Stones rock n roll circus

Matching Mole – O Caroline

Matthews Southern Comfort – road to ronderlin

MC5– looking at you

MC5 –  over and over

the McCoys – Don’t worry mother (your son’s heart is pure)

Mellow Candle – Dan the wing

Mellow Candle-the poet and the witch

Michael Chapman – Aviator

Michael Chapman – hero returns

Michael Murphy – Rye by the sea

Michal Prokop & Framus 5-mesto er

Mick Jagger-memo from turner

Mick Softley – just flew in on a jet plane

Mick Softley – time machine

the Misunderstood –    I can take you to the Sun

Moby Grape – lazy me

Moby Grape – Bitter Wind –

Moby Grape  –  Naked if I want to

Moby Grape – Fall on you

Moby Grape – seeing

Moby Grape – 8:05

Moby Grape – sitting by the window

Moby Grape – can’t be so bad

the Monkees – what am I doing hangin’ round

Montage -men are building sand

Mountain-swamp boy

Mountain-boys in the band

Mountain-tired angels

Mountain-sister justice

Mountain – flowers of evil

Mountain-taunta/Nantucket sleighride

Mountain- Nantucket sleighride- (the road goes ever on)

Mountain– King’s chorale/one last cold kiss

Mountain-pride and passion

the Move – beautiful daughter

the Move –  Cherry Blossom Clinic revisited

the Move – the last thing on my mind

mr fox- Salisbury Plain

Neigb’rhood Children – long years in space

Neil Macarthur -she’s not there

Neil Young – journey through the past

Neil Young – pardon my heart

Neil Young – LA

Neil Young – Everybody knows this is nowhere

Neil Young – Cortez the killer

Neil Young – love in mind

the Neon Philharmonic – cowboy

New York rock and roll ensemble – barrel full of wine

The Nice-  flower king of flies

The Nice- the cry of Eugene

The Nice – the thoughts pf Emerlist Davjack (2nd version)

Nick Drake – black eyed dog

Nick Drake – Hazey Jane 2

Nick Garrie – the nightmare of JB Stanislas

Nick Garrie – deeper tones of blue

Nina Simone   – mr bojangles

Nina Simone   – funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter

Nina Simone   – the pusher

Nina Simone   – sinnerman

Nova Local – morning dew

Odetta – no expectations

Omnibus-the man song

The Outsiders -Daddy died on Saturday

The Outsiders -wish you were here with me today

The Outsiders -happyville

The Outsiders -misfit

The Outsiders -monkey on your back

The Outsiders -the bear

The Outsiders -the man on the dune

Oxford Circle – mister you’re a better man than I

Pacific Drift –-Tomorrow Morning Brings

Pan – tristesse

Pan – To get along

Patti Smith-horses/land of 1000 dances/la mer

Patto-Give it all away

Patto-you,you point your finger

Paul Butterfield Blues Band – work song

Paul Butterfield Blues Band -one more heartache

Paul Butterfield Blues Band- east west

Paul Simon – Mother and Child reunnion

Paul Simon – Duncan

the Paupers – oh that she might

the Paupers -ask her again

Pavlov’s Dog -Late November

Pentangle-Cruel sister

Pentangle-Bruton town

Pentangle-sweet child

Pentangle-once I had a sweetheart

Pete brown and Piblokto-things may come and things may go but the art school dance…

Pete brown –    spend my nights in armour

PFM-chocolate kings

Phil Ochs- changes

Phil Ochs-Tape from California

Pink Fairies – war girl

Pink Fairies – hold on

Pink Fairies – when’s the fun begin

Pink Floyd-paintbox

Pink Floyd-remember a day

Pink Floyd-see emily play

Pink Floyd-wish you were here

Please-Steal your dreams

Poco-calico lady

Poco-Crazy eyes

Poco – don’t let it pass by

the Pretty Things-what’s the use

the Pretty Things-loneliest person

the Pretty Things-bracelets of fingers-sf sorrow

the Pretty Things-love is good-freeway madness

the Pretty Things-october 26th

the Pretty Things-peter/rip off train

the Pretty Things- grass

the Pretty Things-Parachute

Procul Harum-Conquistador

Procul Harum-boredom

Procul Harum-too much between us

Procul Harum-wreck of the hesperus

Q65-the life I lead-revolution

Quatermass – black sheep of the family

Quicksilver messenger service – too far

Quicksilver messenger service- Dino’s song

quicksilver messenger service- pride of man

Quicksilver messenger service-fresh air

quicksilver messenger service-what about me?

Ramatam –The Land/rainy Sunday evening

Randy Newman-Gone dead train

the Rascals-find somebody

the Rascals-how can I be sure

the Rascals-Nubia

the Rascals-of course

the Rascals-Please love me

Richard and Mimi Farina-The Bold Marauder

Richard and Mimi Farina- the falcon

Richard and Mimi Farina-another country

Richard Thompson-nobody’s wedding

Richard and Linda Thompson – when I get to the border

Richard and Linda Thompson – Calvary cross

Richie Havens- no opportunity necessary, no experience needed

Richie Havens- there’s a hole in the future

Richie Havens-eyesight to the blind

the Rising Sons – take a giant step

Robin Lent-Almitra(the love that became us)

Robin Lent-my father was a sailor

Rock Workshop – Primrose Hill – Rockbusters

the Rolling Stones-jigsaw puzzle

the Rolling Stones-can’t you hear me knocking

the Rolling Stones-citadel

the Rolling Stones-you can’t always get what you want

the Rolling Stones-jumping jack flash

the Rolling Stones-moonlight mile

the Rolling Stones-paint it black

the Rolling Stones-play with fire

the Rolling Stones-sing this all together

the Rolling Stones-wild horses

the Rolling Stones-2000 light years from home

the Rolling Stones-connection

the Rolling Stones-gimme shelter

Rory Gallagher-a million miles away – live in Ireland

Rory Gallagher-I’m not awake yet

Ruth Copeland – silent boatman

Ruthann Friedman – carry on(glittering dancer)

Ry Cooder -getaway

Sandy Denny -it’ll take a long time

Sandy Denny -the quiet joys of brotherhood

Scott Walker-Montague terrace in blue

Scott Walker-get behind me

Seatrain- portrait of the lady as a young artist

Seatrain-how sweet thy song

September-little sister

Shelagh Mcdonald-Stargazer

Shuggie Otis – Jennie Lee

Simon and Garfunkel- a hazy shade of winter

Simon and Garfunkel- America

Simon and Garfunkel- blues run the game

Simon and Garfunkel- the boxer

Simon and Garfunkel- Scarborough fair

Simon and Garfunkel- the sound of silence

Skid Row-Saturday morning man

Skin Alley-Bad words and evil people

Skin Alley – graveyard shuffle

Skip bifferty-come around

Small Faces-    tin soldier

Small Faces-    I’m only dreaming

Small Faces-Afterglow

the Smoke-my friend jack

Solution – Divergence

Sons of Champlin-1982-A

Southern Comfort – something said

Sparrow-tomorrow’s ship

Spectrum –  Make your stash

Spirit – I got a line on you

Spirit – Mr Skin

Spooky Tooth-hangman hang my shell on a tree

Spooky Tooth-it’s all about a roundabout

Spooky Tooth-love really changed me

Spooky tooth-society’s child

spooky tooth-that was only yesterday



Stalk-Forest group- gil blanco county

Stalk-Forest group-what is quicksand

the Standells-Rari

Steeleye Span – lowlands of Holland

Steely Dan – dirty work

Steely Dan – midnite crusier

Steely Dan – Barrytown

Steppenwolf-the ostrich

Steppenwolf-hippo stomp



Steve Miller Band- journey from eden

Steve Tilston-I really wanted you

Steve Tilston-simplicity

Steven Stills- old times good times

Steven Stills-love the one you’re with

Stoneground – alligator man

Stoneground – you better come through

the Stooges-we will fall

Storyteller – night games


Sunshine Company –Springtime Meadows

Supersister- introductions-present for Nancy

Supersister- memories are new

Sweet Smoke – I’d rather burn than dissapear

Syd Barrett – Octopus

Symon-my good time

T Rex-life’s a gas

T Rex  woodland bop


T2-no more white horses

Tax Free – Amsterdam

the Temptations-take a stroll through your mind

Ten Years After-working on the road

Terje Rypdal – dead man’s tale

Terry Callier  –  Ordinary Joe

Terry Knight and the Pack – numbers

Terry Reid-Erica

Terry Reid-mayfly

Them -baby please don’t go

Them-It’s all over now baby blue

Thin Lizzy – things ain’t working out down on the farm (ep version)

Thomas F Browne -tomorrow is another day

Three dog night – Eli’s coming

Three dog night-nobody

Tim Buckley –  sing a song for you

Tim Buckley-   wayfaring stranger

Tim Buckley- Once I was

Tim Buckley–dream letter

Tim Buckley-morning glory

Tim Buckley-phantsamagoria in two

Tim Buckley – pleasant street

Tim Hardin-black sheep boy

Tim Hardin-red balloon

Tim Hardin-you upset the grace of living when you lie

Tim Rose-morning dew

Timebox – Barnabus Swain

Timebox- don’t make promises you can’t keep


Timebox-you’ve got the chance

Tom Rapp-full fathom five/I shall not care

Tom Rapp-rocket man

Tom Rapp-sail away

Tom Rapp-snow queen

Tom Rapp-the jeweler

Tom Rapp-these things too

Tom Rush-sunshine sunshine

Tom Rush-drivin’ wheel

Tom Rush-urge for going

Tomorrow-Why (bonus track on EMI remaster of their album)

Tony Caro and John-Swordsman of Samoa

Tony Joe White – Polk salad Annie

Tony Joe White – I’ve got a thing about you baby

the Tower-In your life

Traffic-coloured rain

Traffic -John barleycorn must die

Traffic-heaven is in your mind


Trees-polly on the shore-Rockbusters

Tymon-the bitter thoughts of little Jane

the United States of America – coming down

the United States of America – love song for the dead che

the United States of America – where is yesterday

Uriah Heep-easy livin’

Van Morrison – brown eyed girl

Van Morrison – come here my love

Van Morrison – Joe Harper Saturday morning

Van Morrison – snow in san anselmo

Van Morrison – warm love

Van Morrison – wild children

Vanilla Fudge-season of the witch

Vanilla Fudge-some velvet morning

Vanilla Fudge-the look of love

Velvet Underground- Oh sweet nuthin’

Velvet Underground- pale blue eyes

the Wackers – I hardly know her name

West Bruce & Laing – the doctor

West Bruce & Laing – out into the fields

the Who -Behind blue eye

the Who-Won’t get fooled again

the Who – Bargain

Wigwam – autograph

Wrting on the wall-Buffalo

the Yardbirds-turn to earth

the Yardbirds-still I’m sad

the Yardbirds-happenings ten years time ago

the Yardbirds- over under sideways down

the Youngbloods-darkness darkness

the Youngbloods-sugar babe

the Youngbloods-don’t play games

the Youngbloods-reason to believe

the Youngbloods-Sham

the Youngbloods-sunlight

the Zombies-beachwood park

the Zombies-the butcher’s tale(western front1914)

the Zombies-time of the season

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